Expected deliverables

Within the next 4 years of ORGANIKO project, we anticipate:

  1. A strategic national plan of mitigating climate change in agriculture through the advancement of organic farming and their products in the Cypriot economy.
  2. Climate mitigation performance indicators of reduced nitrous oxide and carbon dioxide emissions are expected to lower.
  3. Increase in agricultural land used for organic farming.
  4. Urinary pesticide concentrations in children fed with organic products will significantly decrease when compared with those average levels of children fed conventional diet.
  5. An increase in the number of Cypriots willing to spend a few euros more to buy organic products.
  6. An average increase of organic sector in the Cypriot market.
  7. The children’s health study will achieve synergies through its incorporation in 1 larger EU cohort study design and results (HELIX cohort).
  8. The number of farms adopting these OF protocols is expected also to increase when shared and replicated in Italy through our partner KC.
  9. A number of OF-related jobs attributed to OF is expected to gradually build up (farming, supply chain, logistics, etc.).