Action A1: Evaluate the current situation assessment needs of the organic farming sector in Cyprus

The objective of this action is to evaluate the current situation (as is, before the project implementation) in Cyprus regarding the organic farming sector (Farmer practices, technical stakeholders’ bottlenecks and consumer perceptions). The analysis of the market and policy status will be mapped in order to be able to define the framework for all life cycle stages of OF and its products (farm to fork approach).

Action C1: Tailoring organic farming protocols to farmer needs

  • Design specific organic farming protocols for crops of major importance for Cyprus agriculture i.e. apples & barley
  • Help farmers overcome the technical barriers for the conversion of conventional farms to organic
  • Provide innovative tools for the OF-implementing farmers to increase the performance of their field practices

Action C2: Climate mitigation performance assessment based on agronomic and environmental indicators

  • Evaluate the quality performance for a series of climate mitigation indicators, including indicators of agronomic and environmental quality value in both OF and conventional agricultural systems in Cyprus
  • Utilize specific practices that will be implemented and perform comparisons between the several systems in order to reveal the potential benefits of organic farming versus conventional systems
  • Testing, monitoring and evaluation of the OF protocols to specific sites spread throughout Cyprus

Action C3: Organic Diet and Children’s Health Study

The objectives of this action are 1) Demonstrate the decreased body burden of toxic pesticides for children consuming a regular organic diet. 2) Evaluate the possible positive change in specific biomarkers of inflammation and oxidative stress in children participating in a systematic organic diet scheme.

Action D1: Impact Monitoring – Project Evaluation

This Action’s objective is to offer systematic and periodic evaluation and support towards the timely delivery and impact of the proposed demonstrated methods and protocols that mitigate climate change through the implementation of specific OF protocols.

Action E1: Dissemination, Training and Exploitation of Activities

  • Organize the efficient transfer of results to the scientific community, stakeholders and general public
  • Implement an effective strategy for the exploitation of results including market analysis, techno-economic and legal aspects
  • Communicate the benefits, risks and challenges of OF and its products to the public

Action F1: Project management and monitoring of the project progress

This Action has been organized in a way that the management and coordination of the project will be feasible and flexible in terms of resources and efficiency.

Action F2: After LIFE+ communication plan

A monitoring plan for the effective implementation of the project toolbox will be established by all project participants right before the end of the project so that it can be readily executed right after the end of the project (08/2019) for 4 additional years.