Visit of the Renon-Selva Verde CO2 measuring station

On Monday 20 November, we visited the Renon-Selva Verde CO2 measuring station, which is located in the Italian Alps region, at a distance of 12.2 km North-Northeast from the town of Bolzano. The station is part of the pan-European research infrastructure ICOS (Integrated Carbon Observation Network) and its purpose is to investigate the long-term exchange of carbon dioxide, water vapour and energy flux between the sub-alpine coniferous forest and the atmosphere. Also, the station is part of the international network FLUXNET, a confederation of regional networks in North, Central and South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia. During our visit, we were accompanied by Stefano Minerbi, the site responsible person for the Bolzano Provincial Government and Leonardo Montagnani, the principal investigator and Crop Physiology Professor at Bolzano University who described in detail the role of the station.

CO2_Meas6 CO2_Meas1

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A new mass conservation approach_MONTAGNANI