Visit of the Laimburg Research Station

On Monday 20 November, we visited the Laimburg Research Center which is the leading research institute for South Tyrol’s broad spectrum of agricultural issues. Martina Boschiero, member of the berries and stone fruit group, presented their analysis on the agronomic results and carbon footprint of the different nets used in the apple cultivation in South Tyrol. She highlighted that we need to find the balance between pesticide use and greenhouse gas emissions and other environmental, economic and social impacts in order to adopt the most sustainable solution. Ewald Larschneider, member of the organic farming group, presented the facts about organic farming in South Tyrol. It is important to note that more than 40% of organic apples in Europe are produced in South Tyrol and this is mainly due to three reasons: (1) The climate is ideal for apple production (2) Organic farmers are coordinated through cooperatives which sell the organic apples in the whole Europe (3) There is semi-public technical assistance for organic farmers. Manul Pramsohler, member of the arable crops group, presented among others the variety testing of barley they have performed for malt production.