Video – Preparation of organic meals for children participating in the study “Organic diet and children’s health”

You can find the translation of the video here:

– The chef, Nikolas Georgiou, would like to explain a few things.

– Basically, we are the executive team responsible for the preparation of meals…

– Yes, we are an executive team as well.

– Yes, he will take a fork now and will begin food tasting.

– There is a procedure we follow based on the organic products, meaning that, firstly we do not cook in high temperatures, because in such a way, the food quality deteriorates, whether it is rice, orzo or potato. What we do is called ‘slow cook’ and most importantly, we do not fry anything.

– I like that

– No frying is allowed!

– So how do you prepare the potatoes? Don’t you serve fries?

– No, we do not serve fried potatoes, potatoes are prepared in the oven.

– Ok, good.

– For example moussaka, that everyone uses frying, we do not. Everything is made in the oven, trying to keep them tasty.

– And the meatballs here?

– Meatballs are also cooked in the oven, burgers are cooked in the grill and the chicken nuggets that children love to eat are cooked in the oven as well. Everything is prepared in the morning. We start preparations from 5 o’clock every day. The pasta sauce for example is prepared every morning…

– But you could change the pasta with whole-wheat pasta…

– Yes

– Yes, but organic.

– We use only fresh tomatoes for the pasta sauce, we never use ready-made products. It is worth mentioning that halloumi is made from organic goat milk. Legumes are also included in the menu.

– I would like to say that the lentils smell really nice…

– Well, I will not let you take away the fruits from here. I would like to taste them! I would like to see if there is a difference!

– You can try everything!