Research study – Organic diet and children’s health

The study is one of the ORGANIKO LIFE+ project activities and aims to evaluate the potential benefits of systematic organic diet for children. The study’s specific objectives are to: i) determine whether the adoption of organic diet from children significantly reduces the body’s burden of chemicals (pesticides) and ii) to evaluate the efficacy of systematic organic diet by children in specific biomarkers of oxidative stress / inflammation. The research results will help to bridge the knowledge gap in this area and to promote healthy eating in schools in Cyprus. The research is carried out by the Cyprus International Institute for Environmental and Public Health, which is part of the Cyprus University of Technology, under the ORGANIKO LIFE+ project.

Under the framework of the study, children should strictly follow the organic diet menu that will be provided to them for a period of 40 days. Urine samples will be collected  from children, in order to analyze the concentration of pesticides metabolites and biomarkers of oxidative stress / inflammation. Furthermore, information related to household chemicals-pesticides and children’s habits will be collected using questionnaires.

Learn more about the study (radio talk by Dr. Konstantinos Makris at CyBC radio station on 30/1/2017 (in Greek)).


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