2nd Study visit in Bologna, Italy

The 2nd study visit in Italy took place in Bologna on 5-6 September 2016. Our first stop was the Azienda Agricola Masera farm with Mr. Guglielmo Costa, professor at the Department of Agricultural Science in the University of Bologna and Mr. Ugo Palara, the Agrintesa agricultural co-operative technical director. In the farm, among others, organic 

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Attendance at the 28th Annual Conference of the International Society for Environmental Epidemiology

On 1-4 September 2016, the 28th Annual Conference of the International Society for Environmental Epidemiology was held in Rome and we were present. The theme of the conference was “Old and New Risks: Challenges for Environmental Epidemiology” with pesticides being recognized as one of the hazards that cause serious health consequences. Over 1500 researchers from 

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2nd Italian awareness-raising programme

On August 7th, the 2nd Italian awareness raising programme was conducted, within the framework of Festambiente 2016 in Grosseto.  The event had two main objectives; On one hand, to hopefully offer new insights on the organic farming (OF) discussion in Italy, and that’s why the main Italian beekeepers’ organization, one representative of the banking world and one ESCo 

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Participation in the workshop of Agrolife project

A workshop on “Innovative sustainable practices in traditional vineyards: trends, prospects and growth opportunities in the wine sector” was organized by the Agrolife project on June 27th. The event was successful with about 40 participants and we had the opportunity to present data on organic farming and climate change.

1st Italian awareness raising programme

On June 6, within the scope of the World Environment Day, the 1st awareness raising programme took place at the Emilio Sereni Agricultural Technical High School in Rome, Italy. About 100 students attended the event and they were informed about various issues such as the importance of environmental issues, the contribution of agriculture to climate 

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