2nd Short Chain of Organic Fruit and Vegetables

The Cyprus International Institute for Environmental and Public Health of the Cyprus University of Technology (CUT) organized on February 6th the “2nd Short Chain of Organic Fruit and Vegetables” in collaboration with the Cyprus Organic Farmers Association and the CUT Environmental Policy Office, within the framework of the ORGANIKO LIFE + project. The event took place at the Pefkios Georgiadis courtyard of CUT, with over 200 university students and staff.

The event was broadcast live by the radio station SUPER FM, where the importance and benefits of systematic consumption of fruits and vegetables, the promotion of healthy diet and a healthy way of life in general, were extensively reported .

This short-chain system is being implemented for the first time in a Cypriot university, and in particular in CUT (2nd time in CUT), which promotes smart partnerships with small and medium-sized enterprises in agri-food sector. All proceeds from the products are managed directly by the producers who had reduced their prices at conventional products prices. Short-chain refers to minimizing the number of intermediaries in marketing products, where one or no intermediate link between producer and consumer can be inserted into the supply chain.