2nd Dissemination event in Italy: 1999-2019 – The next commitments for a climate-friendly economy

To celebrate its first 20 years, Kyoto Club organized, together with Confindustria Venezia – the Venice branch of the the main association representing manufacturing and service companies in Italy – a conference having as main topics the environmental sustainability and climate justice, where the next steps to be followed for a climate-friendly economy have been highlighted. The event took place on March 25, in the beautiful location of Palazzo Labia, a sumptuous palace of the 18th century: currently, the building hosts the RAI (Italian State Broadcaster) headquarters in Venice. RAI kindly gave us the chance to place the conference in the wonderful main salon, decorated with the worldwide famous Tiepolo frescoes of the life of Cleopatra. Among the speakers who participated there were: the main actors of the past and current activity of Kyoto Club, representatives from local authorities and business companies from the Veneto Region.
During the conference many themes have been touched, such as innovation, energy efficiency, circular economy, sustainable agriculture with a focus on the good practices from different areas of the Italian territory.
At the beginning, Eugenio Barchiesi, from Kyoto Club, took part in several meetings with the people participating to the Forum, illustrating the LIFE+ ORGANIKO project objectives, activities and results.
A printed presentation has been distributed to all the participants, summarizing the ORGANIKO activities and results, with a first part about the compared greenhouse gases emissions between conventional and organic plots, and a second part describing the children’s health trial with the organic dietary scheme. Some peer-to-peer debates have been started, with a useful exchange of expertise and competence. With those who showed interest for a follow-up, it was agreed to prepare a more detailed document, and all the ORGANIKO on-line references –website, email addresses – have been shared.