The ORGANIKO LIFE+ Open Day for the children who participated in the study “Organic diet and children’s health” and the awarding of participation certificates took place on Saturday, April 28 at the premises of the Cyprus University of Technology (TEPAK). The event, which was organized by the Cyprus International Institute for Environmental and Public Health, presented the general results of the study to a number of parents and children from the 6 elementary schools in Limassol that participated in the survey. The Commissioner for the Environment, Ms Ioanna Panagiotou awarded the certificates of successful participation to each child separately.

Before the organic diet began, it was found that the majority of children participating in the program had detectable levels of pesticides in their urine. At the end of the organic diet, the levels of pesticides in the children who participated in the program decreased significantly. The answers to the questionnaires on dietary habits and lifestyle of children prior to the organic diet intervention  have shown low daily intake of fruits and vegetables. Also, it was found that children spend some time on physical exercise, and much more on television, ipad and mobiles.

The TEPAK research team thanked the 149 children who participated in the study and their families, recognizing the effort and perseverance of keeping the organic diet for 40 days. Thanks are also were given to school headmasters, teaching staff as well as to the Ministry of Education for the approval of this study. This study could not be carried out without the financial support of the study sponsors, the European LIFE + program and the organic companies.

This intrusive study is being conducted for the first time, worldwide, with such a large sample and duration of providing organic meals to children. Soon all the study results will be presented at an open event in Nicosia, inviting all relevant bodies and organizations. At the end of the month, the results of the study will be presented to the European Parliament in Brussels in the presence of several MEPs and European stakeholders.

Please find here the study video: