Organic food production in the world

Organic farmland accounts only for 1% of total worldwide farmland. With 17.3 million hectares, Oceania is the continent with the largest organic agricultural area, (98% of which is in Australia) followed by Europe (11.5 million), Latin America (6.6 million), Asia (3.4 million), North America (3 million) and Africa (1.2 million). The global market for organic products continues to grow. Over the past 30 years, international sales have grown to over €66 billion in 2013 with really high demand in North America and Europe. However, over three quarters of the nearly 2 million organic producers worldwide are in Asia, Africa and Latin America (see figure 2). The largest single market for organic food is the USA (€24.3 billion) followed by the EU (€22.2 billion) and China (€2.4 billion).

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