G7 Ministerial Meeting on Agriculture

The G7 Ministerial Meeting on Agriculture took place on 14-15 October in Bergamo and the theme was “Empowering farmers, developing rural areas and enhancing cooperation to feed the planet”. The meeting concluded with the joint adoption of a final declaration that includes the following points:
1) Agriculture makes an important contribution to rural incomes
2) Sustainable increase in agricultural production and productivity is required along with efforts to alleviate poverty and inequalities
3) Reductions in food loss and waste are needed
4) Safeguard food security and the particular vulnerabilities of food production systems to the adverse impacts of climate change
5) Promote more productive and sustainable food systems, strengthen rules-based trade and assist farmers in developing strategies, to strengthen their resilience, with a focus on risk management policies and on rural development policies targeting the most vulnerable rural and farming population
6) Consider how policies aimed at improving livelihoods in rural areas and strengthening agricultural systems could support the diverse needs of countries of origin transit and destination.
Attendees of the meeting were the Agriculture Ministers of the seven countries, the Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Economy of the African Union, representatives of the European Union, the international organizations FAO, OECD, IFAD and the World Food Program.
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