International Organic Seminar in Paris

The 12th international seminar on organic farming will take place on Tuesday, 28th February 2017 in Paris with L`Agence Bio being the organiser. The seminar will be the platform for discussion of the organic market state, the consumers’ motivations and the means of communication in different countries, under the motto “Organic Consumers in Europe and in the World”. The 

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Ημερίδα – Βιολογική Γεωργία: Προοπτικές ανάπτυξης, κλιματική αλλαγή και δημόσια υγεία

Στο πλαίσιο του ερευνητικού έργου ORGANIKO LIFE+, το Ινστιτούτο Γεωργικών Ερευνών, το Τμήμα Περιβάλλοντος και το Τεχνολογικό Πανεπιστήμιο Κύπρου σας προσκαλούν σε ημερίδα με θέμα  «Βιολογική Γεωργία: Προοπτικές ανάπτυξης, κλιματική αλλαγή και δημόσια υγεία», την Πέμπτη 20 Οκτωβρίου, στις 08:15, στην Αίθουσα εκδηλώσεων του Υπουργείου Οικονομικών στη Λευκωσία. Επισυνάπτεται σχετικό πρόγραμμα. Η ημερίδα τελεί υπό 

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Lecture: The Role of Honeybees (Apis mellifera) in Understanding the Toxicity of Sub-lethal Pesticide Exposure in Mammals

The Cyprus International Institute for Environmental and Public Health of the Cyprus University of Technology invites you at a lecture on The Role of Honeybees (Apis mellifera) in Understanding the Toxicity of Sub-lethal Pesticide Exposure in Mammals on Wednesday 19 October 2016, at 17:30, at the CII building (1st floor) Speaker: Chensheng (Alex) Lu, PhD, MS Associate Professor 

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Route du Goût 2016

The association “Bio Chef Global Spirit” organized the Route du Goût 2016  and the first Organic Festival in Monaco. The festival will take place from Wednesday October 12th to Sunday October 16th and will include five days of immersion in Blue Ocean, Gastronomy, Ecology, Sport, Organic Viticulture, intergenerational exchanges between experts and professionals from organic farming and renewable 

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SANA 2016 – Magazine BIO-SANA 2016

SANA, the international trade show for organic and natural products is an established and popular event with professionals and natural health enthusiasts attending the fair.  SANA 2016 takes place in Bologna on 9-12 September. SANA showcases national and international natural and organic products and is both a marketplace and a networking venue. It provides  a unique opportunity to present new 

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Workshop on Innovative sustainable practices in traditional vineyards

Within the framework of the AgroLife Project, you are invited in a workshop on “Innovative sustainable practices in traditional vineyards: trends, prospects and growth opportunities in the wine sector”. The workshop will take place in the Lania Traditional House on 27th of June 2016. The ORGANIKO LIFE+ project participates in the workshop with a lecture on “Organic 

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10th European Organic Congress

IFOAM EU is celebrating its 10th European Organic Congress in the Netherlands on 4-6 April 2016. The aim of the Congress is to develop on the outcomes of the IFOAM EU Vision 2030 which reached its climax in Latvia 2015 with the launch of “Transforming Food and Farming: An Organic Vision for Europe”. Together with 

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BIOFACH 2016 – Into Organic 

BIOFACH, the world’s leading trade fair for organic food will take place from 10 to 13 February, at the exhibition centre Nuremberg. Over 2400 exhibitors will present a variety of aspects of the international organic sector. Visitors will have the opportunity to: Meet organic producers, pioneers and innovators from all over the world. Listen to 

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Workshop – Organic agriculture and climate change

The Agricultural Research Institute, the Department of Environment and the Technological University of Cyprus organize a Workshop on “Organic Agriculture and Climate Change” at the Latsia Municipality Theatre on Friday, December 18th 2015. In the workshop, primary schools of Latsia Municipality will participate.

Mediterranean Science Festival – Learning about organic products

The Water and Health Lab participates in the Mediterranean Science festival with an interactive seminar on Friday December 4, 2015 at Carob Mills in Limassol. The interactive seminar will include activities and discussions related to organic products for children (morning session) and the general public (evening session). More information: