3rd Dissemination Event in Milan, Italy

The Energy Festival, organized by Beulcke & Partners, is one of the main national sustainability events in Italy. The Festival, at its twelfth edition, is sponsored and supported by prestigious institutions, such as the Italian Presidency of the Council of Ministers, the Ministry of the Environment and the Protection of the Territory and the Sea, the Ministry of Economic
Development. This year the event took place from 13 to 15 of June at the Triennale di Milano, an international cultural institution that showcases exhibitions, conferences and events in art, design, architecture, fashion, cinema, communication and society.
As part of the Festival, on June 14th Kyoto Club held the Organiko 3rd dissemination event in Italy, with the participation of Kyoto Club Member and Partner business companies and NGOs. The meeting was chaired by the two Kyoto Club Vice Presidents Gianluigi Angelantoni, CEO of the Angelantoni Group and President of ANEST, the Italian thermosolar companies association and Francesco Ferrante, Vicepresident of the FREE – Renewables and energy efficiency – National Coordination. During the event, Kyoto Club’s Governing Board reiterated its commitment to continue the engagement against climate change and its commitment to adaptation and mitigation efforts , with specific emphasis on organic farming and through the activities of its Agriculture and forests Working Group which has been disseminating the Organiko results in the advocacy and lobbying on the 2021-2027 Common Agricultural Policy.
During the event the European Commission proposal to at least allocate 40% of the new 7-year CAP budget to climate-friendly related purposes has been welcomed. The Scientific Director of Kyoto Club Gianni Silvestrini underlined the importance of agro-photovoltaic developments and, elaborating on the activities by Catia Bastioli, CEO of Novamont and current Kyoto Club President and the Ellen MacArthur Foundation for circular economy and will undertake to solicit an acceleration of regulations and to request a more incisive commitment from the various institutional level s for a more and more growing organic sector in the whole EU.

Given the presence of Kyoto Club Members and Partners – business companies, local authorities, universities, associations operating in the sectors of renewable sources, energy efficiency, sustainable building – the meeting represented a good occasion to explain the LIFE+ Organiko project activities, including the Cyprus Climatico 2019 conference and to disseminate its results.
During the dissemination meeting, Sergio Andreis, Director of Kyoto Club, has elaborated on the LIFE+ Organiko project objectives, activities and results, and answering many questions about the organic sector and how it is linked to the energy business. Gianni Silvestrini spoke about Capsizing – For Climate Resilience, a project promoted by Kyoto Club and supported by the European Commission’s DG AGRI, the Agriculture and Rural Development Directorate General.